27/11 - Due to the server problems we have been experiencing, and the lack of a new web-writer when the current one retires at the end of the year, we are sorry to announce the Kita-Kanto homepage will cease to be updated from this Christmas. Everybody at the homepage, all at UpupaEpops, and at Kita-Kanto would like to thank everybody for visiting the site during the last six months, and look forward to seeing you at our games in the future! Thanks, apologies and goodbye time will be after this year's 'End of Season' Party, which all being well will be held on the weekend of December 16/17. We promise to keep you posted with the Awards Ceremony before we go.............


30/10 - With a good sixth place in the Kawaguchi-ko Soccer Festival, the Kanto team returned to Saitama Prefecture full of the aches and pains expected after two days of hard fought football, but would love to do it all over again. All eight players agreed it had been an enjoyable experience, and with a few more converted chances it could have been even better. The vow to play sexy football and make friends was upheld, as the only foreign team in the tournament attracted a lot of attention, as much for their upbeat and passionate attitude as for their footballing prowess. For the full story please go to the UpupaEpops page, or just CLICK HERE.


21/10 - Kanto remain upbeat and full of enthusiasm for their first foray into Japanese tournament football this coming weekend in Kawaguchi-ko, Yamanashi Prefecture. The Kanto Eight who will be participating under the team's nickname 'UpupaEpops', are keeping their feet on the ground despite their excitement. Sixteen teams have entered, including a side from the Imperial Palace, and all have been allotted accommodation in the serene mountain village. Last minute training has been arranged for mid-week, to sort out those last-minute tactical problems, and set-piece maneuvers that may be the difference between glory and misery come kick-off next week.

For a history of the nickname, please go to the new 'UpupaEpops' page.



30/09 - Although the original fixture for next Sunday, October 8, was cancelled, Kanto will be in action after all against a team of Gym Instructors, and possibly Le Gazza, the Omiya Division One side whose game was cancelled in September due to the rainy weather conditions. The action, designed to create a mini-league in preparation for the Kawaguchi-ko tournament at the end of the month, will be at Kita-Moto Sogo Undo-koen from 3.00pm.



29/09 - Kita-Kanto have been invited to play in the Kawaguchi-ko Half-Soccer Tournament which takes place in Kawaguchi-ko village near Mt. Fuji in Yamanashi Prefecture on the weekend of October 28/29.

The competition, which is open to teams of eight from all over Japan, will be the first such trip made by Kanto, who hope the competition won't be as difficult as they fear.

The 20-minute half games featuring eight players per side, will be contested over two days, with up to 24 teams participating. Kanto boss, Alan Hill, who organised the paperwork for entry, struggled to find a full eight players due to work commitments on Saturdays, but is delighted with the response of the team before the deadline day yesterday.

With yellow/red cards, suspensions, official referees, and compulsory home and away kits necessary, for many of the Kanto team, it is a return to the days of league football in England, and a welcome change from the general structure of friendlies the team usually play in Japan.

The weather around the base of Japan's highest mountain may also be a good sign for Kanto, who will be more likely to cope with the late Autumn cold than some of their opponents, and will be a pleasant change from the summer humidity of the Kanto Plain.

The only problems envisaged are a lack of defenders in the squad, and an early rise for the drive to Yamanashi, which is forecast at about 5 o'clock in the morning.

The Kanto eight are: Mike Coleman, Alex Yardley, Alan Hill, James Knight, Martin Hill, Jerry Colthup, Brian Malone, and Neil Willis. 


Kita-Kanto proudly present another uncovering of a player, and the lucky person this time is...MATT WATSON

D.O.B. 18/09/67

Place of Birth Nottingham

Kanto Debut January 1997 in Omiya

Best ever game (played in or seen) We can always pray!

First ever team Stella Avenue (Nottinghamshire Village street team)

Favourite team Southampton - thanks to Ron Davies and the 1976 FA Cup

Favourite player Bobby Stokes, for scoring the goal in the 1976 Cup Final

Favourite food and drink Linda McCartney and Home Ales

Favourite singer Curtis Mayfield

Favourite film/TV show Scully

Favourite film star Alain Delon

Favourite car Mini

Favourite holiday spot Poland

Other hobbies Snowboarding

If you could change one thing in life it would be Hull

When did you last swear at somebody today

Matty Watson, you're a star, thank-you very much......



25/09 - Following Kanto's draw against Kumagaya ACT at the weekend, the ACT goalkeeper, Yuuichi Kogure, surprised more than his own team when he approached the folically challenged Kanto forward Richard Tuley, and planted a couple of kisses on his head, a.l.a. Blanc and Barthez. In front of the bemused onlookers at the Kumagaya pub where it took place, Tuley said, "that's the best action I've had all year!".


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KITA-KANTO T-Shirts are soon to be made available, any player past or present who hasn't contacted Alan Hill with an eye to purchase one should do so soon, before the order goes in..............



Although not a player, Kita-Kanto FC would like to send all their best wishes to Maggie Anderson, a die-hard supporter, colleague and former Press Officer for the team who is leaving Japan at the beginning of October to start a new life in Australia. Everybody concerned with the team over the past three or four years wishes her all the best for the future, and hopes she can arrange a mini-tour down under sometime! We love you Mags!



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