Below is a list of websites concerning various football topics, topics about Japan, Japanese language, and living in Japan, as well as opportunities to work or study at Shane English School, Kita-Kanto's founding inspiration. All of which we deem mightily interesting.........




Guide to Japan - Learn about the country we play in.

Guide to Saitama - Learn about the Prefecture we live in.

Guide to Omiya - Learn about the city which is our home.

Saitama Sightseeing - Learn about the sights in Saitama.

Gaijin Services - For foreigners around Tokyo.

Learn Kanji - A site to make learning Japanese easier.

Saxoncourt - Learn how to work or study at Shane English Schools.

Football Pages - Everything for every level of football.

Football Shirts - Smarten yourself up a little.

Football Logos - Add your team's logo to your desktop.


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